Charleston South Carolina Attractions and History!

The Old Exchange and Provost- Charleston attractions

America’s history has deep roots in Charleston. The city was founded in 1670 and moved to its present location a few years later. Many immigrants settled in Charleston because South Carolina was one of the few colonies to practice religious toleration. Various religions established churches in Charleston and many of these churches still dot the Charleston skyline today. A large influx of slaves, many from West Africa, were brought to Charleston as well and they formed their own Gullah culture in the city. Many Charleston South Carolina attractions and tours explore the rich history of Charleston. Learn about how the Slave trade operated and how it impacted Charleston with the Charleston’s Slave History Tour!

The Charleston’s Slave History Tour is offered by Palmetto Tours, one of the biggest tour companies in Charleston. The Slave History tour will cover one of the most pivotal and influential parts of the American south. Tour guides will take you on a mile and a half walking past Charleston’s Old City Market while explaining about slave life in Charleston. The tour will include discussion of slave rebellions, Charleston’s population of Free People of Color and how the white population in Charleston was in the minority by 1770. Tour guides will also cover how Africans influenced the white lifestyle in Charleston. The tour will also include admission to either the Slave Mart Museum or The Old Exchange Building. The tour lasts about two hours and costs $14 for Children and $22 for adults. Tours are held on Friday at 11 a.m. and Tuesday at 10:30 a.m.

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