Charleston South Carolina Attractions: Fort Sumter!


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Step back into the start of the Civil War when visiting Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor. Fort Sumter is one of best Charleston South Carolina Attractions around and is the perfect spot for Civil War buffs. Make sure to enjoy this historical spot during a Charleston vacation.


Fort Sumter was the start of the American Civil War in 1861. South Carolina had already seceded from the Union but a small garrison of Union troops was still located on Fort Sumter. With the fort’s supplies running dangerously low, President Lincoln sent reinforcement ships to the fort. Confederacy troops that were stationed on the mainland of Charleston opened fire on the Union boats for the next 34 straight hours. Thus, the Civil War began. Fort Sumter survived the attack but was devastated by a second attack by Union troops in 1863. After the war, the U.S. army restored the fort and it was used as a lighthouse until 1897.


The beautiful Fort Sumter is located on an island in the center of Charleston Harbor and is only accessible by boat. Fort Sumter Tours offers boat tours throughout the day from two different departure points to see the fort. Depart either from Liberty Square in downtown Charleston or Patriots Point in Mt. Pleasant for a tour around the harbor before disembarking. The tour lasts about two hours and fifteen minutes with an entire hour being spent on the fort itself. There is a snack bar on the boat but no food is allowed on the fort, and the fort hosts a museum and gift shop for souvenirs.


Make sure to stop by and get in touch with a pivotal point in American history with Fort Sumter. Stay at downtown Charleston hotels, like the King Charles Inn, to be close to all the great attractions and activities that Charleston has to offer!

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