Things to Do in Charleston – The South Carolina Aquarium

The King Charles Inn is a historic Charleston hotel that is conveniently located on Meeting Street in the heart of downtown Charleston. This prime location allows for easy access to many of Charleston’s fine dining establishments and shopping boutiques. This downtown Charleston location is also nearby to one of the most popular Charleston attractions, the South Carolina Aquarium.

The South Carolina Aquarium is a 501(c)(3)organization and is located in downtown Charleston. This popular Charleston attraction features 10 different exhibits that feature local marine and aquatic life native to South Carolina as well as other regions from around the world. Every exhibit is unique and is a great way to learn about nature in South Carolina and around the world. The South Carolina Aquarium is a great place to bring your kids for an educational and fun experience. Some of the exhibits at the South Carolina Aquarium include Great Hall, Mountain Forest and Coastal Plain. Here are some of the other exhibits that are highlights of the aquarium.

Coastal Plain

This exhibit is centered around the wetlands of South Carolina. The Coastal Plain exhibit features fish, reptiles, amphibians and plants that can be found in the region. These include spotted softsheel turtles, diamondback rattlesnakes, longnose gar and the carnivorous plants, Venus Flytraps. The highlight of this exhibit is a rare albino alligator.

Saltmarsh Aviary

This incredible exhibit explores the saltmarshes that are an important part of the Lowcountry ecosystem. Shrimp, clams, blue crabs and oysters can all be found in saltmarshes. Expect to see shoreline favorites like herons and diamondback terrapins, pufferfish, red drum, speckled trout and flounder. There is also a new 6,000 gallon tank that has over 25 stingrays that you can feed and even touch.

Touch Tank

The touch tank is a popular exhibit for children and anyone else that wants to see aquatic life up and personal. Here, you will have the opportunity to touch invertebrates that are indigenous to the South Carolina coast. This includes hermit crabs, urchins, horseshoe crabs, and Atlantic Stingrays.

Madagascar Journey

The Madagascar Journey exhibit explores the different enviroments found in Madagascar and the species found within. The Madagascar region is home to over 250,000 species most of which can’t be found anywhere else in the world. Explore the rainforest region where you will see species like Panther Chameleon, Tomato Frog, Vasa Parrot and Hissing Cockroach. See a White Spotted Bamboo Shark from the Mangroves area and the Ring-Tailed Lemur from the Spiny Forest region. This is a fun exhibit for everyone!


The Ocean exhibit features an Ocean Gallery with a massive 385,000 gallon salt water tank that is filled with hundreds of marine life including sharks, colorful reef fish, pufferfish and jellyfish. There is a loggerhead sea turtle that weighs over 220 pounds and an exhibit with live baby sharks. The Great Ocean Tank has species from deeper water reefs like marine mammals, invertebrates, sea turtles and a huge amount of fish.

There are many other exhibits at the South Carolina Aquarium so be sure to schedule enough time to explore! Stay at our historic downtown Charleston hotel to be close to the South Carolina Aquarium and other Charleston attractions. Check out our current specials and packages or book your room today.

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