Things to Do In Historic Downtown Charleston – Ghost Tours!

Historic Charleston is filled with all sorts of fun and interesting things to do. Charleston has a rich history as it was founded in 1670 and has been home to all sorts of interesting characters including soldiers, pirates and famous poets. Both Revolutionary and Civil War battles were centered about Charleston harbor and with such a vast history, you know there have to be some ghost stories too. In fact, Charleston has a plethora of ghost stories; so many that they have created ghost tours to tell you all about the local legends. The King Charles Inn suggests checking out these ghost tours next time you are in Charleston for a fun taste of the spooky and supernatural.

The Haunted Jail Tour– Go behind the scenes at Charleston’s Old City Jail. The jail housed some of Charleston’s most infamous criminals, pirates and prisoners while it was in operation from 1802-1939. This is one of Charleston’s most famous ghost tours and we suggest not taking small children or those with heart conditions.

Ghost and Dungeon Walking Tour– Explore Charleston’s historical haunted dungeon in the only Charleston tour with access to it. Hear all the spooky legends of Charleston while walking around streets, cemeteries, back alleyways, and churches while following a licensed tour guide on this an hour and a half tour.

The Dark Side of Charleston –Learn the unfiltered history of Charleston, with this tour that features stories about corruption, crime, prostitutes, brothels and sordid affairs in Charleston. This walking tour will take you on an uncensored exploration of Charleston full of scandal and intrigue. This tour is only for adults as the subject matter can get a little racy.

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